Todd has dedicated his career to making a difference in the industry. From an extensive background in multi-disciplinary approaches, Todd looks at the entire human being as a holistic entity. His focus is on holistic wellness achieved through nutrition, lifestyle, and proper training.

Anna Giorgi

Co-Owner. Public Relations Manager

Anna has been married to NY Strong’s founder for 15 years and has been an intricate part in the gyms development for that entire time. She has trained under Todd for many years and has been a main motivation for other women as a means of proving that women can lift weights and still look feminine while being stronger and healthier.

Janet Mcgraw

Personal Trainer

Janet, now in her early 50s, made a massive change to her life starting in her mid 40s. She had been an active kid and teen, but as the years passed, she put on lots of weight, and was quite out of shape. At a festival while on vacation, Janet happened to see a roller derby game and was inspired to get involved.

Marcella Trevisan

Personal Trainer

Marcella has been with the NY Strong team since 2015. She has always been passionate about helping others succeed with their goals and have found fitness to be a powerful tool in making that happen. As someone who was once extremely intimidated by the gym environment, she strives to make training inclusive, rewarding and fun.

Russel Howard


Since graduating from SUNY Cortland in 2020 I have been working in Strength and Conditioning all over the country. My experiences began as an intern working within the Football Sports Performance Staffs at the University of Virginia and

Jeff Lee

Personal Trainer

Damian Estrada

Personal Trainer

Fitness has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in an active household where fitness was always at the forefront. As a teenager, I viewed fitness and training purely as preparation for sports. As I have grown, my view of fitness has evolved. My current view is that fitness and training prepare us for the physical and mental demands that we encounter in life.

Christian Palmer

Nutrition & Body Transformation Coach

Christian’s passion for nutrition coaching started as a teenager when his Mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He made it his mission to help her overcome diabetes and take back her quality of life. After acquiring enough knowledge, he was able to help her conquer diabetes, lose weight, regain her confidence and achieve a better quality of life than she previously had.

Kenny Olmeda


I’ve always loved teaching. I was a teacher in the NYC public school system for 11 years. Crossfit opened up a new path of learning. I had so many questions and the coaches at NECF were always willing to engage me in conversation. I decided to pursue my level 1 certificate in March of 2016. After passing the exam, I continued learning as much as I could about fitness. I obtained a strongman and powerlifting certificate through CrossFit. I also became a USAPL certified coach.